The Man Whose Eye Hurts a Lot, 2015



Keramettin has a problem. His eye hurts whenever he drinks tea. He goes to doctors, he tries traditional medicine techniques but none of them helps. He can’t find a solution to it and eventually he loses his family and his job, until he decides to look for his salvation in India.

A blind guru listens to him and puts him into a cave, saying that he is not allowed to come out before he is faced with himself and find out what his problem is.

There is a bookshelf on the wall of the cave and he is supposed to read all the books and put each book in the box provided as soon as he finished reading it.

There is also a tea pot in the cave. So he reads for months…

One day, as he was celebrating finishing his last book he realizes that the back wall of the bookshelf is a mirror and now he is facing himself… Drinking his tea…

The spoon inside the glass, poking his eye as he drank his tea… 




Momburger, 2015



One morning, Mrs Güler she found herself turned into a medium sized hamburger…

Her husband and two sons were upset because there was the big problem: Now there was no one to fix breakfast for them…

So they went out to eat, leaving her there. When they came back, her husband carried her to the table in the living room so that he can sleep on the bed comfortably and the kids were busy with their computer games.

But they got hungry again at noon. They went to eat hamburgers where they met their neighbour lady who asked insistantly where Güler was.

They couldn’t make up a decent story, so later she just appeared at their door saw the hamburger on the table. Worse, she wanted to eat it!

Things get more complicated when the neighbour lady sneaked into the house and actually ate the ‘momburger!’ 




My Mom Grew a Moustache, 2015



A Mom, after realizing that life is much better for the ones who have a moustache, decided to leave one herself.

The rest of the family naturally objected to this but the real problem came when mom’s other friends did the same thing! Their husbands came to their house in uproar and police interfered with pepper gas, etc.

A very humorous book that is touching upon the most sensitive and problematic issue in Turkey: gender equality.






My Dad Became a Sofa, 2015


One of the 52 books in “Best of 2015 Selection” by Radikal Newspaper




One morning, Mr Hayrettin found himself to be turned into the sofa he slept on last night, as he was watching the latest football games and the panel discussions on the games and how his popular player missed a goal and what the football experts interpreted this miss and what would be the reactions of the other players to it and how… Well, a new life had to start for him, as a sofa… Life goes on… His son and daughter keeps jumping on the sofa -ooops- on him as they always did… guest arrived and sat on him as always…


The Girl Who Became a Smartphone, 2016

Melis is a typical teenager who spends most of her day looking at a smartphone screen. She uses it so much that one morning; she woke up and found herself transformed into one. She couldn’t move or talk but could only text to people! Then, what would she do when she (meaning, the “phone”) gets stolen?