Istanbul… 1960s… primary school years…

I started primary school in a suburb of Istanbul in a coffee house! (There was no school building and coffee houses were the only places where the teacher can find tables and chairs for about 60-70 students.)
The school building was made during the second year and I still remember the unpleasant smell of the milk made by milk powder sent by USA with Marshall Aid.
The courses were almost always done outside, especially the art courses.
One day, we were given the assignment of making the picture of the landscape facing the school; a lake, the hills ahead… I painted the sky blue and left the clouds white, whereas all of my friends did it the other way.
I later learned that almost all children and only children do this: Painting the clouds blue. The colour blue automatically matches with the clouds in their minds. This was the main reason why I named my publishing house, which I founded to publish only for children, Mavibulut (literary meaning: the blue cloud) in 1980.