Where is Ayşegül? 2000


“When I was about 10, a five year-old girl was lost in Istanbul. Newspapers (there was no TV then) followed the case for months, but unfortunately she was not yet found. That affected me a lot. Where would she go? What would happen to her? Was she kidnapped? This book has no intention of telling her story but I wanted to write something around a girl that disappears…”



A girl among a group of friends disappears one evening and her friends desperately try to find her.

It seems everything was related with her father’s business… He had lots of debts and couldn’t pay them. So he was forced to take part in a smuggling attempt of historical artifacts from Turkey.

His daughter’s life was the main bargaining chip… 




Pirate Book Gang, 2001


The same group of kids in the previous adventure “Ayşegül’e Ne Oldu?” is now in another adventure. This time, they face a gang involved in pirate book business which is, (though less and less every year) is quite common in Turkey.



Two groups of kids are selling books in the marketplace. One group oppresses the others to quit selling books so that they will monopolise the book business.

One of the kids from this oppressed group is a friend of our heroes and they decide to interfere.

The important detail is that the dominant group is selling pirate books and that is illegal.

However, our heroes have no chance to win this unequal competition, nor they have the strength to fight them.


So, they try to do the only thing they can do: To prove the piracy, which seems to be not an easy task…