I was Late for School, pop-up, 2009

This is the pop-up version of the title that was originally published in 1985. The paper engineering of this pop-up version is made by the author himself but the production process was not easy, since there is no printing house in Turkey that produces pop-ups. So this first edition was done in-house by Mavibulut personnel.  This, by the way, is the first pop-up book that is locally produced, being written, illustrated, designed, and manufactured in Turkey. 



The boy is late for school.

The rabbit says: “Follow me. I’ll show you the shortcut.”

And it disappears running. 

Tortoise says: “Climb over me. I’ll take you to the school… In a few years. 

The eagle says: “Flying is fastest. But you’re heavy, leave your bag.” 

The boy doesn’t. So the eagle drops him. 

The big fish in the sea swallows the boy, which is later caught by the fisherman who sells it to the teacher. 

The teacher wants to talk about fishes in the class. So the boy reaches his classroom… Inside the fish’s belly.

Only a bit late…