Master Fa’s Violins, 2012


A musical tale, written both as a novel and a play. It was staged in Ankara by a professional theater and was also performed by two secondary schools in Istanbul.

Received the 3rd prize in Tudem’s “Literature Awards” in 2005.



In Solfasol country, according to the traditions, a prince has to be a violinist to become the new king. However, our prince has other interests. He doesn’t like to play violin at all. His only interest is in frogs… How they live, how they breed, etc. He reads about them, observes them in the pools around the palace, as his father is pushing him to learn how to play violin… 

On the other hand, his sister’s only desire is to play violin! But the traditions do not allow her to play it nor allow her to govern the kingdom after her father.

Master Fa is the royal violin maker who had lost his wife and living in a sorrowful mood since then.

When the neighbouring king invites the prince for a violin playing competition, both Master Fa and the princess will play an important role to save the day.


At the end, the king will question his own attitude of forcing his son to do something that he does not want to do, and eventually decide to revoke the sexist rules in the traditions…