1970s… robert college… bogaziçi university

I started Robert College in 1969 for my high school education.
I spent most of my time in outdoors activities with the Scouts Club which I became the president for 2 years. In fact, I received the “college cup” at the graduation ceremony for my ‘hard work’ in non-academic activities. It was then, my father pointed out that “he would have been more pleased to see his son getting a cup for academic activities as well!”
When I started Bogaziçi University in 1973, the Scouts Club was replaced by the Speleology Club, to which I again became the president for 2 years. This club later on became one of the most active and well known group in Turkish speleology.

I started working in the drama club in the university. Needless to say, I once again became the president for 2 years!
My explanation to this is because I loved to do everything and my friends gladly pushed me ‘up’ so that I would be doing things that otherwise they would have to do…
I also worked in the cinema club where I made two animated cartoon films with my friends. In fact, we received an “honorable mention” from Japan.